bird brains

printmaking, mostly

bird brains is a junior at montserrat college of art in massachusetts, majoring in printmaking.

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They Ran Through the Fire

a lithograph by bird brains


a chine collé relief print by bird brains

a slowly-forming skeleton

hello, faithful followers!

i feel i should warn you that my artistic path is headed towards a very dark place. rape, abuse, self harm, sexism, and manipulation will play a very large part in my work for at least the next year; my senior thesis/seminar work will be comprised of these topics. of course, i’ll still post the random doodles and “fluffier” artwork i always do, but if if following me makes you uncomfortable, by all means, take action. whether it be unfollowing or asking me to tag something specifically for you, please do so. i’m very grateful that you’ve taken the time to check out my work; your safety and comfort matter to me, and no request is too strange or small. 

however, works that contain the above topics i mentioned will be tagged automatically as #rape, #abuse, #violence, etc. however, my ask is always open, so if you ever have any questions, comments, critiques, or commissions, feel free to contact. 

honest self portrait

a charcoal drawing by bird brains

It’s A Compliment

a screen print by bird brains

This piece comes with an anecdote. When I was in high school, a boy tried hitting on me by saying he wanted me to smoke weed out of his dick. Obviously, I thought what he said was stupid and gross. I didn’t like the kid. But part of me took it as a compliment. Part of me was actually kind of glad that someone was attracted to me, even if he expressed it in an incredibly ridiculous way. 

The point is that I was naive, and couldn’t tell the difference between harassment and a compliment. I know lots of girls can’t. Girls are taught that boys will bully them if they admire them from a very young age. This piece protests that idea by showing how absurd such an idea is.

queerbabies anonymous

a two-color lithograph by bird brains

here’s a super quick stop motion video i did on my own today

here is a rare photo of michael insulting me. it is going on my art blog because it is an excellent representation of my artistic development.

this was the first stop motion test a classmate and i did the other day